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Junior open water

If you are between 10 and 15 years old you can do your Junior Open Water diver course which is exactly the same thing as the regular open water course with the exception that until you have had your 15th birthday you are only allowed to dive with divers over

18 yrs of age. If you are not yet 12 yrs old you are not yet allowed to dive deeper than 12 meters as opposed to the 18 metre limit which applies to Open water divers. Any time after your 15th birthday you can update your certificate to a regular Open Water certificate. No further tests or courses are required.
Before starting Junior Open water course and especially if the student is 10-12yrs old we always start by talking to the young diver and his/her parents. At this age size and maturity varies and sometimes we might recommend waiting another year before starting the course. The equipment is quite big and rather heavy and the junior diver must master exactly the same things as any adult diver. We do not think it is difficult for you as a young alert diver but there are many new things to learn and it might all be a bit too tiring to do it all in one go. Also the idea of a holiday in Thailand is to have fun is it not?

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