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Tec Deep Diver Course
The Tec Deep Diver course will train you to dive to 50m, and the skills and knowledge will allow you to dive to this depth. These skills and knowledge include use of Advanced Nitrox, decompression procedures and extending no-decompression limits using Nitrox/100% Oxygen.
Our Tec Instructor is Brendon (also our Course Director), and he has done 100's of tec dives around Thailand & Bunaken. As a Tec Trmix Instructor he brings great experience to the Tec Deep Diver course.

Prerequisites for the Tec Deep Course

• PADI Advanced Open Water Diver *
• PADI Rescue Diver *
• PADI Enriched Air Diver *
• PADI Deep Diver *
• 18 Years of age
• Have a minimum of 100 logged dives of which 20 dives must be enriched air dives, 25 dives must be deeper than 18 meters and 15 dives deeper than 30 meters.

TEC 40
The entry point into the technical range, Tec 40 provides a transition from recreational to technical diving. Although the use of full tech gear (doubles and wings) is preferred, it does allow modified use of recreational gear in some situations. The intended working limit for a diver at this level is 40 meters/130 feet with up to 10 minutes of non-accelerated decompression. They may use any EANx mix with up to 50% oxygen content or air. To enroll on the course, a diver must be the equivalent of a PADI Advanced Open Water diver, with an EANx Diver rating and have deep recreational diving experience.
DURATION: 3 Days / 4 Dives
PRICE: 15,500 Baht including equipment rental
(Excluding manual and slates)

TEC 45

The diver must use full ‘standardized’ tech rig, including wings and doubles plus an additional deco cylinder. The course allows the diver to go to 45 meters/145 feet and make accelerated decompression dives using any mix of EANx or pure oxygen. A diver must have the equivalent of a Tec 40 rating to enroll on this course.
DURATION: 3 Days / 4 Dives
PRICE: 15,500 Baht including equipment rental
(Excluding manual/ already have own)

TEC 50
This course represents a high level of competency for a technical diver. Although the option exists to make the last dive of the course using trimix, it is intended as an air/nitrox rating and by the end the diver can dive to a maximum of 50 metres/165 feet and make extended, accelerated decompression dives.
DURATION: 3 Days / 4 Dives
PRICE: 15,500 Baht including equipment rental
(Excluding manual/ already have own)

This course opens up the advantages of trimix to the diver, and divers are qualified to make multi-stop decompression dives that employ EANx and oxygen for accelerated decompression, using any trimix with an oxygen content of 18% or more. They can dive to a maximum depth of 65 metres/210 feet.
Topics covered include:
    * Trimix diving depth ranges
    * Exposure planning
    * Selecting a mix
    * Argon inflation systems
    * Handling three or four decompression cylinders
    * Decompression models
    * Emergency procedures
    * Face masks and multi-gas computers.
You must
•    Be a PADI Rescue Diver (Or hold a qualifying certification from another organization and having proof of CPR and first aid training with the previous two years).
•    Be certified as a Tec 50 (or hold a qualifying certification from another organization)
•    Be at least 18 years old
•    Have logged at least 100 dives
•    Have a medical form signed by your physician.
DURATION: 3 Days / 5 Dives
PRICE: 19,500 Baht including equipment rental + Helium @ 2 Baht/Ltr
(Excluding manual)
This course lets the diver go deeper, opening up the option of using travel gases and trimix with less than 18% oxygen content. Dives made during the course can be as deep as 90 meters/300 feet. Once qualified, the diver can start to explore deeper; for this reason there is no numbered suffix after the course title as in the rest of the range — there are no limits placed on how deep the diver can go after training, providing they build their experience gradually.
You will
• Plan and execute at least five trimix decompression dives using various trimix blends
• Use decompression software to create custom dive tables and dive plans
• Make training dives as deep as 80-90 meters

DURATION: 3 Days / 5 Dives
PRICE: 24,500 Baht including equipment rental + Helium @ 2 Baht/Ltr
(Excluding manual)
PADI TEC DEEP/TRIMIX COURSES scuba@lantadiver.com    Phone: +66 75 66 80 58   +66 81 271 90 50