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Who can dive?
There was a time when divers were supposed to have crew cuts and the fitness of an American marine soldier! Thanks to education, research and common sense
this attitude is now a thing of the past. These days nearly everybody can dive, women, men and children, the only remaining age limit is that you must be 10 yrs of age. (For further information read the page ?Junior Open Water diver?) Our students have been between the age of 10 and 70 and there is absolutely nothing to suggest that anybody of any certain age or category find it more or less easy. If we thought so from the beginning our students have proved us hopelessly wrong!

Health and Diving
Only medical conditions can provide an obstacle. If you are unsure of your health or if you are over 50 yrs of age we recommend a visit to a diving physician before embarking on a course. In Sweden such an examination is compulsory for all divers but in most places of the world a completed health declaration is sufficient. If you have not had an examination at home and feel a bit unsure of your physical status we now have at Lanta Diver season 2002- a physician affiliated with our dive centre. What we must say is that we are very restrictive indeed when it comes to persons with asthma, heart problems or persons on medication for blood pressure. If you have any of these problems we strongly recommend you to get in touch with a doctor at home who knows you and your medical condition. Diving is fantastic and great fun but not important enough for anybody to jeopardize their health.

When we years ago drew our first trembling breaths under water we had no idea where this would lead us. Had somebody suggested we were going to give up our ordinary life, leave the country and start a dive centre in Thailand we would have
laughed. Choosing PADI was just a coincidence (well, maybe not as PADI is the is by far the largest dive organization in the world) still; we have never been given the opportunity to regret this decision. Sure, there are other organizations the largest of these being NAUI and CMAS. We do not suggest that an education with one of these organizations should be inferior of less safe but we do suggest that the sheer size of PADI is reason enough to choose PADI when starting to dive. If you decide to carry on diving and to enter the professional side of diving you will at one stage or another be given the opportunity to ?convert? to PADI in order to have more options and possibilities than within a smaller organization. Read more about PADI on their website http://www.padi.com/

Dive Education at Lanta Diver
Since we first started Lanta Diver back in 1999, the part of the business which has expanded the most is the education side. Today we have six modern air-conditioned class rooms all with all technical equipment and material needed for good and fun-filled courses. For the pool sessions we have one of the few pools on Lanta deep enough to do the confined water training sessions. The fact that we also spend a lot of time and energy to find the best instructors should also be obvious! You can now do your entire dive education at Lanta Diver, from complete beginner, through all the further education courses, speciality courses and on to the professional side of the business: Dive Master and Instructor. Our Instructors come from Sweden, Denmark, Australia, England, Holland, Germany, Russia and Thailand. All you have to do is decide which language you would like to do the course in and we provide all the course material in the language of your choice!
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