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King Cruiser wreck

This wreck could tell a strange tale. Not that long as the car ferry sank as late as in 1997. Year
after year King Cruiser ferried passengers from Phuket to the Phi Phi islands. The same route
each day, then on the very last day before the ferry was due to retire the captain made a mistake (?) when navigating and run right up onto Anemone Reef. King Cruiser sank to the bottom and is now a perfect dive site neatly parked  20 to 30 metres under the surface! All passengers and crew were saved in the accident. For a diver with the right education and experience the King Cruiser is a very interesting dive. If you are tired of the actual wreck (if this is possible?) the marine life is abundant. The problem with King Cruiser it that the wreck is so interesting there are sometimes more "passengers"on the ferry today than during its heyday on the surface! We have a three hour trip to King Cruiser from Koh Lanta, one of the reasons for us not to go here as often as to our other dive sites.
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