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Hin Daeng

A well known name to most divers interested in diving in Thailand. Hin Daeng is classed as
one of Thailands best dive sites. Possibly the best.
We do not think you can find one single dive guide to Thailand which does not rate Hin Daeng as a
five star dive site. Several drop offs connected by rocks at different depths. The corals and fish are outstanding, larger and more abundant than any where else. Barracudas, tuna, rainbow runners,
grey reefshark (seldom encountered anywhere else) etc etc. Many of the published dive guides tell you that Hin Daeng is a sure place to see Whale Shark and Manta Ray. This is not true, there are no such places but with a bit of luck you may well se them here. On the other hand with a bit of luck you may well come across them any where around Koh Lanta.
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