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Diving around Koh Lanta

The waters around Lanta provide some of the best diving in Thailand. The dive sites range from healthy and colorful reefs, drop offs, caves and wrecks. There is something for everyone. If you are a beginner or have not been in the water for a while  there are there are protected shallow reefs and if you have a bit more experience the world famous Hin Daeng and Hin Mouang are just around the corner. Just double click on the menu and read more about he different dive sites.

You book your dive trips at our office in Saladan, or at one of our other shops at Relax bay, Langham resort or on Long beach by Lanta sand resort and spa. We have three boats and each day you can choose from at least two different dive sites. We go daily to Koh Haa south of Lanta and every other day one boat visits Koh Bida and another Hin Daeng and Hin Mouang.

Having booked your dive trip we will pick you up from your resort and take you to our shop in Saladan where you will meet your Dive master who apart from yourself will have at the very most 3 other divers in his/her group. The boat leaves for Koh Haa and Koh Bida at 8 am and the boat for Hin daeng and Hin Mouang leaves at 7 am. If you are not with your family or friends we will make sure you get to dive in a group with other divers who have about the same diving experience as yourself. This has proved to be a recipe for success as both experienced and non experienced divers will get the most out of their diving this way. On the way out to the dive sites you will be served a full breakfast, fresh baked bread, egg and bacon and lots of other goodies.  After breakfast it is time to assemble the equipment, listen to the Dive masters briefing and get dressed for diving. If you are heading for Hin Daeng you might even have time for a nap after breakfast.

Between dives we serve lunch and there is time for a swim or a nap in the sun. For lunch you can choose from three different dishes, one is always vegetarian. The food is cooked onboard (no plastic food thermo containers at Lanta Diver). After a surface interval of 1.5- 2 hrs it is time for dive nr 2 after which you do the logging with your DM.  On the way back while you are served some fruit and hot or cold drinks the staff will take care of all equipment and make sure it is washed, aired and packed. We usually get back from Koh Haa and Koh Bida abut 4 pm ( give or take 30 minutes) and from Hin Deang about 5.30. Once back on land the cars are waiting for you to take you back to your resort.

Open all year!!


In order to be sure of a place on the boat you are welcome to pre book your diving. The booking is not binding until it is finally confirmed by yourself no later than noon the day before the trip. Especially during the  Christmas and NewYear period there are a large amount of divers waiting to go diving. If  you want to start diving the day after arriving on Lanta it is a very good idea to make an early booking. First come first served so why not make sure of a good place in the queue?

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